Re d’Autunno

Rè d’Autunno is our wine from raisined grapes – Passito


Wine from raisined grapes



cool – 10°C if served with cheese, 15-18°C as a mediation wine



The Moscato Bianco di Canelli grapes come from the oldest Moscato vines of this company, growing in Sant’Antonio di Canelli.

Organoleptic characteristics:
  • the colour of this passito is an intense golden yellow;
  • the bouquet is very aromatic and intense, it markedly recalls dried apricots, sultanas and candied fruit;
  • on the palate it is enveloping with a full and structured aroma.

At the end of the harvest, the vines are pruned and the bunches of grapes are left to dry on the vine, still attached to the plant.
It is clear that ‘Re d’Autunno is not made every year, because the process of drying on the vine requires a mild, well-ventilated climate with little rain.

Fermentation takes place slowly in oak barrels.


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